Canyon Crossroads Animal Hospital is a full service medical and surgical hospital. We provide wellness and health care for dogs, cats and other furry friends.

Our services include:

Wellness Exams – Our aim is to protect your pet from disease and detect early health problems. This includes vaccinations, blood work and other diagnostics to keep your pet as healthy as possible.

Hospital Care – We have a well-appointed hospital, including several intravenous infusion pumps, an intensive care unit with oxygen delivery and an isolation ward for patients with communicable diseases.

Diagnostic Laboratory – A fully-equipped in-house laboratory aids us in quick diagnosis of disease, so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Radiology and ultrasound – In-house x-ray and ultrasound capability also aid in quick diagnosis of your pet.

Surgery – Our hospital is equipped to perform most minor and major surgical procedures. Pre-surgical exams and blood work are routine, as is intra-operative monitoring of blood pressure, oxygenation, EKG, heart and respiratory rate.

Dentistry – We recognize dental care is important to the health of your pet. We offer dental cleanings with x-ray capability to detect underlying disease; if disease is present, we are able to address most problems at time of detection.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture is when a set of needles is inserted into parts of the animal to promote healing. Each acupuncture point has a specific goal. This technique has been used in various veterinary practices for thousands of years and will treat any ailment. Although acupuncture will not cure every condition, it will work extremely well when there is as issue.

Permanent identification – We provide micro-chipping services, as well as tattooing for identification.

Pharmacy – Our hospital has a large, well-stocked pharmacy for your convenience.

Humane euthanasia services – We understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Our doctors offer compassionate end-of-life care; we can also provide cremation services.